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CashNLearn Entrepreneur Workshop: PowerUp Your StartUp

Our goal is provide critical, vital education for you as an entrepreneur through our teleconferenced courses and private counseling sessions so that you can create dominant, influential, successful business.
Through our personal guidance and mentoring, you will:
Learn how to grow and advance your business. 
Learn about marketing to position your business to dominate in your business space. 
Learn about the essentials of financials of your business.
Learn how to avoid costly big mistakes. 
Learn how to develop your business plan which will help you to transcend your business to its ultimate level. 

The Workshop will use a Problem Solving Approach: Defining Goals and Objectives by Answering the Questions of:


Who is your target market? Who are your suppliers?  Who are your competitors?


What is the problem that exists in the marketplace? What opportunity exists?  What is your business strategy to answer that problem? What is the best business format for you? What tools will you need to accomplish your goals?


Why are you uniquely qualified to solve that problem?  Why is your story so compelling? Why will your business strategy work?  Why will you be a leader in your marketplace?


When will you start?  When will you make certain benchmarks?


Where will you find your customers?  Where will your business be located physically?  Where will your business be placed in the marketplace?


How will you produce your product/service?  How will you obtain and retain your customers? How will you position your business through marketing?

How much?

How much will it cost to create your business?  How much do you understand your financial structure?  How much will you charge your customers for your product/service?

 Our Entrepreneurs Workshop will feature:

  • 10 Participants
  • 10 Sessions via teleconferencing for a 1 hour educational class
    • These sessions will be recorded for later viewing.
    • Some of the sessions will have guest speakers who are qualified to assist new startups.
    • Q and A will close out each session.
  • Half hour, private, teleconference, counseling sessions for each entrepreneur held weekly.
  • 30 day teleconference Follow Up session.
  • Step by Step Completion of a Business Plan.
  • Additional one on one paid sessions are available.
Each one in the course may have a private half hour teleconference call with our CNL Core of Advisors in the following areas:
Financial Planning * Video Media*  Web Design * Business Coaching *Accounting * Social Media* Legal Entities * Public Relations  * Tool Box Implementation * Personal Coaching

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