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Empower your local small business, startup and entrepreneurial spirit with  business knowledge, counseling, tools and mentoring to propel and advance your business.


10 Steps to be an Entrepreneur

1. Love what you do 2. Make a Plan 3. Work the Plan 4. Make small mistakes 5. Learn from others 6. Self Promote 7. Surround Yourself with Good People 8. Stay Positive 9. Build Your Network 10. Be willing to Pivot
10 Steps to being a Successful Entrepreneur

Advice from Experts

Attend the CashNLearn Entrepreneurial Workshop where Our team of experts will provide business mentoring and education to propel and advance your business venture. Start on sound footing to help eliminate many beginning missteps.
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Our mission is based on the simple concept that  local small businesses are the key to our future. Businesses located in Central Florida create jobs here. Pay taxes here. Employees live here. Buy goods and services here. Create more jobs here. So simply put….we want to encourage all of you who have that great entrepreneurial spirit to unleash it here on our site and here in our community. You are our friends, neighbors and clients.Our Small Businesses and Community Startups will be from a variety of business types: brick and mortar, internet based and service providers.  
We are gathering a very large toolbox to help you succeed. We will go through each product or service in the toolbox ourselves to see how each works so that we can confidently recommend it as an applicable tool to our appropriate clients. We currently have 20+ tested and approved tools in the box and that number will continue to increase. We’ve done the searching and learning save you time and frustration.
We presently have investors that has laid out a criteria to start the ball rolling which we have embraced . The course has a $495 enrollment fee. They are willing to grant need-based scholarships up to the full amount for the first 10 Entrepreneurs that we select.  They will also grant scholarships for half of the cost for the registrants in the next course in this beta testing segment. In the final stage of the beta testing, they are willing to give 25% scholarships.  

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Welcome to CashNLearn, a unique small business incubator, dedicated to advancing and supporting the true backbone of America...Local Small Businesses! Big business ideas have many avenues to launch and scale up to millions in revenue. But what about the Butcher, Baker and the Candlestick Maker? 
This is a small list of clients that our educational and support services will target:
Lawn Care Services * House Cleaners * Painters * Hair Dressers *Auto Detailers *Rug Cleaning Services * Photographers * Delivery People * Exterminators * Restaurants * Pool Services * Social Media Consultants * Garden Nurseries *  Web and Graphic Designers * Dry Cleaners *  Food Trucks * Tilers *  Handymen * Property Managers...and hundreds more, you get the picture. These local businesses can not be farmed out to other countries!
Our educational component for Entrepreneurs and Small Business in the 5 week workshop is detailed in the following;
  • 10 Participants
  • Meet twice a week via VirtuallyMeetup for a 1 hour educational class with  9 other Registered Startup Entrepreneurs
    • These sessions will be recorded for later viewing.
    • Each session will have a topic that New Businesses can use to avoid big startup-killing mistakes
    • Some of the sessions will have guest speakers who are qualified to assist new startups.
    • Q and A will close out each session
  • Half hour, private, teleconference, counseling session for each entrepreneur held weekly
  • 30 day teleconference Follow Up session.
  • Step by Step Completion of a Business Plan
  • Additional one on one paid sessions are available
There is also a 10 step conference program that all entrepreneurs, if deemed necessary, must go through to complete the course. Each one in the course will have a half hour teleconference call with our CNL Core of Advisors listed here:
Financial Planner * Video Media Specialist *  Web Designer * Business Coach * Accountant * Social Media Specialist * Attorney * PR Consultant * Graphic Specialist  * Tool Box * Personal Coach
In conclusion, having operated and help others establish small businesses for nearly 20 years, we have a lot to convey.  Last year, over 25,000 new businesses registered here in Central Florida. That number does not include the many cottage businesses that operate in the cellar, garage or at the kitchen table by budding Entrepreneurs. For our clients, our mission is to give each of them a higher percentage of succeeding. Statistically, 80% of all startups will fail within 5 years. Of that 80%, we know that 80% of those will crash and burn in the first year. The reason for failure in most cases is lack of knowledge resulting in big financial mistakes! We know our program will help to keep our clients’ mistakes manageable from the start. Startups will make mistakes, that's normal and actually educational.  Our goal is to lower our clients’ odds of failing, therefore, increasing their odds of success.